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    I hope my point of view on the matter help community and effort. Here is my answer for each point.

    Transformation of an Industry into a Profession

    The only way to transform the industry into a profession is through education at the executive level, I mean the MSP business owner.


    If there is a problem for a long time, it is because we are not working on the real cause of the problem. There is educational technology which works the real reason for the lack of understanding in people. You cannot force anyone to do something about it. You must raise their level of need through two-way communication. Preventive maintenance is not understood in most SMBs at least in my market. For the industry to be successful it needs to organize itself.

    The First Pillar: Profit

    My consideration in this regard is that we are the only industry where assets are deflationary with services budget is reduced. Anti-survival formula that needs to be handled with educated SMBs executives. The money management issue its internal for very organization.

    The Second Pillar: Maintenance-Focused Support

    100% agree.

    The Third Pillar: Education

    It seems to me NSITSP on education business when we have free resources such as Cyber Readiness Institute or paying services like TruMethods and Dr Erick Cole.

    The Fourth Pillar: Core Values / Statement of Ethics

    Ethics on this planet are not well defined and that is the reason why we have so many problems. Ethics is a personal situation and everyone for himself must work on it. It seems to me that correct word to be use here its morals.

    Draft Professional Code of Ethics for IT Service Providers

    This is a moral code based on common sense.

    Part 3: Ransomware and How We Handle It

    Insurance companies including their agents needs to be handled, at this moment they are not part of a solution.

    The Fifth Pillar: Defending client systems

    Difficult to defend those who you think do not need protection and say they do not have money. Add to this their consideration like responsibility of government to defend them from international attacks. If NSITSP formal process could get MSPs out liability, this maybe be a wakeup call to SMBs and do something about it.

    The Sixth Pillar: Response to our greatest challenges

    I liked the best higher effort requirement.

    Part 4: Legislation and Insurance

    Responsibility is shared in the factors of the equation, if no one is responsible we continue with the problems.

    The Seventh Pillar: Regulation and Protection

    I would like to be recognized with the purpose of putting the right value on the services and giving it the attention that the industry needs to be able to do its job properly.

    The Eighth Pillar: Cooperation and Alliance with the Insurance Industry

    It is necessary to have these three categories, I have seen how they sell to those who do not need them and leave those who need them out because they are not responsible for compliance.

    Part Five: Building a Path to our Professional Future

    There is already administrative technology for all types of business not within university, you must search and find it. The standard path for business success is already well defined. If this industry needs a standard path to success, we have lack leaders and volunteers.

    The Ninth Pillar: Building a Path to the Future

    It seems to me this path is something personal for every business. The community need agree with moral code and voluntary effort.

    PD: It seems to me that you are leaving out the most important part. End users and the executives of companies which are served by MSPs. The most important end point to manage will always be people.

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    Please read through the “Nine Pillars” document. View the recorded webinar. And then let’s talk about it. Love it? Hate it? Let’s hear it. – KP

  • July 12, 2021 at 4:00 pm #301

    Read the 9 Pillars or watch the webinar and offer your feedback. What stood out to you? Is something missing? Are these 9 pillars something you can see your IT Business subscribing to?

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