Proposed legislation for Professional IT Services

It's time to transform our industry into a Profession

Legislation and regulation are coming to our industry – fast. You can choose to get involved and influence your future, or simply do nothing and let the legislators and bureaucrats decide your future.

Obviously, you’re encouraged to get involved.

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The Nine Pillars of an
IT Profession

"One requirement is very clear, but rarely discussed: We need to take responsibility for the bad things happening in SMB IT, and in our industry.

I'm not saying we started it, or that we are perpetuating it. But the default position of pretty much everyone in the channel is to treat our problems as if they are happening to us - as if we play no role. Well, that's simply not true."

Proposed legislation for Professional IT Services

IT Service Provider Registration and Compliance Act

The ultimate goal of this legislation is to return some sanity to both the insurance industry and the SMB tech support industry. Insurance companies should be in support of this because it attempts to make two big changes:

  1. Get more clients to actually secure their systems.
  2. If clients cannot or will not pay for appropriate security, the insurance companies are not required to cover these incidents.

Overall, I believe this makes the insurance industry and the IT industry natural allies on this front.

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From Industry to Profession

Based on the 9 Pillars of an IT Profession

Webinar on the 9 Pillars

Covers the 9 Pillars & Proposed Legislation

Proposed Legislation

IT Service Provider Registration and Compliance Act

This is just a starting place
Eventually, I would love to see something along these lines introduced in every state and province in North America. And beyond that as well. I was happy to see people from Germany, the UK, and Australia on my webinar about this. I am gathering some volunteers. So if you are interesting in helping to fine-tune the discussion, or help in any way, please fill out that form. We will try to organize some meetings soon. I know everyone is crazy busy. But regulation and legislation are coming, whether you participate or not. And it will be very sad if we are subject to legislation written by and for large corporations who do not face our challenges or even risk going out of business due to these challenges.

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